About The Urban Preserve of Boulder

Connecting people to a place!


The Urban Preserve of Boulder is the only urban preserve in the U.S.

The Urban Preserve of Boulder is a site in the city of Boulder that is recognized and designated as a preserve – to be studied, enjoyed and experienced by everyone. Much like a nature preserve, The Urban Preserve of Boulder seeks to create a heightened and more sensitive awareness of the fragile ecosystem of a section of a city at the edge of town.


Through designation, recognition and identification, The Urban Preserve of Boulder strives to “Connect People with a Place”. The Urban Preserve of Boulder contains over 7,000 square feet of somewhat diverse urban habitat the type of which are abundant in the Boulder area. The Urban Preserve of Boulder is home to different things including some species of life, plants, insects, occasional humans  and pets, birds and probably some microorganisms and bacteria. The Urban Preserve of Boulder offers sidewalks, grass, artifacts, debris, self-guided tours, potential future programs, looking, experiencing, and fun for all.


Located at one of the busiest traffic intersections in Boulder and adjacent to apartments, condominiums and a large shopping center, The Urban Preserve of Boulder is observed by thousands of motorists daily and is easily accessed and regularly traversed by walking pedestrians as well as bicyclists. Nearby parking in the shopping center parking lot makes it the ideal location for visitors coming from other parts of the city who wish to visit the Preserve.

While nature preserves seek stability, The Urban Preserve of Boulder recognizes the unique instability of the changing nature of the fragile ecosystem of the urban environment. Nothing lasts forever.

The Urban Preserve of Boulder: There’s nowhere like it!



The Urban Preserve of Boulder is the pedestrian crossing island at the southeast corner of the intersection of Foothills Parkway at Baseline Road.
GPS: 39.999933, -105.232380
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The Urban Preserve of Boulder is open 24 hours daily for the convenience of all visitors.

Admission is free!



The Mission of The Urban Preserve of Boulder is:

1. To recognize the area which has been identified.
2. To provide opportunities for people to experience The Urban Preserve of Boulder.
3. To connect people to a place.



The Urban Preserve of Boulder is based on the “Urban Preserve,” first conceived and proposed for Houston, Texas in 1989 by The Art Guys in collaboration with architects Kirby Mears and Kim Schaefer.

Urban Preserve, Houston, 1989



“I am nature.” – Jackson Pollock

“We are this place.” – The Art Guys


The Urban Preserve of Boulder is a project by The Art Guys that is organized, commissioned and sponsored by Boulder Public Arts Experiments in Public Art.





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