Trail Maps

The Urban Preserve of Boulder offers unique self guided tours every day!  Visitors are encouraged to wander and explore this diverse environment and discover for themselves what wonders exist in this unique diverse environment. Click on any of the maps below for unique self guided tour maps that take you throughout this diverse environment.  Or design your own self guided tour!  Use your imagination! Explore!  Unique!  Diverse!




The Standard – This is the perfect self guided tour for the novice, the beginner, for those just starting out, for those who like to take it slow, for those with limited capacity to understand complex situations, for those with a one track mind, or for those without imagination.  So much to see!



The Quickie – This self guided tour is for those on the go!  If you don’t have much time or you’re not interested, this tour is for you!  It’s the opposite of immersive!  It’s barely a glance!  Don’t waste your time! Hurry!



The Turn Around – This self guided tour is ideal for those who change their minds, are discouraged easily, or forgot something.  If decisiveness is not your character trait, this is the tour for you!  Never settle for your determined goals!  Just go back!  Why wait?



The Wanderer– This self guided tour is designed especially for the expert explorers.  This tour will take you all over the map!  Who knows where things will lead?  Take your time!  Follow your heart!  You have all day! You have your whole life!



The Spiral – This self guided tour takes you to the very heart of the site! This is perfect for the those wishing to get in touch with their inner Zen, or for those who simply have no future.  Keep going!  Never return!



The Butterfly – This enhanced experience is best experienced while enhanced.  This tour is legal in Boulder! What?  Where are you? Oh wow, man… like… um… This tour is more fun with a friend. Tourist must supply their own munchies.




The Urban Preserve of Boulder offers self guide group tours every day!  For those who lack the confidence to do anything by themselves, or just want a friendly shoulder to lean on, The Urban Preserve of Boulder offers virtually unlimited styles of collective experiences.  Call your friends!  Or someone else!  Our motto with all of our self guided tours is, “Do it yourself!”







The Urban Preserve of Boulder is a project by The Art Guys that is organized, commissioned and sponsored by Boulder Public Arts Experiments in Public Art.



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