The Urban Preserve of Boulder Specimen Research Center



The Urban Preserve of Boulder Specimens Resource Center (TUPOBSRC) acquires and makes available for study samples of the biodiversity of the site organized into a database.  Visitors will find specimens of various types, including identifiable and unknown artifacts and fragments.  These specimens are presented with data and information for the benefit of the individuals and institutions. Scientists, artists, government agencies, students, dockworkers and immigrants routinely consult this archive. The Center acknowledges the scientific potential of this resource.

artifact01_thumb  artifact02_thumb  artifact03_thumb  artifact04_thumb  artifact05_thumb

 (left) selected specimen collection locations

Selected specimens from the Special Collections of the TUPOBSRC.

  specimen01thumb specimen02thumb specimen03thumb specimen04thumb specimen05thumb specimen06thumb

specimen07thumb specimen08thumb specimen09thumb specimen10thumb specimen11thumb specimen12thumb

specimen13thumb specimen14thumb specimen15thumb specimen16thumb specimen18thumb


The Urban Preserve of Boulder is a project by The Art Guys that is organized, commissioned and sponsored by Boulder Public Arts Experiments in Public Art.



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