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The Urban Preserve of Boulder           There’s nowhere like it!


We encourage all visitors to dress appropriately when actually visiting The Urban Preserve of Boulder. During the warm months of the year, we suggest visitors bring hats, sun visors, sunglasses, umbrellas, water, insect repellant, and sunscreen. During the cold months please dress in layers as the weather usually changes throughout the day. We suggest boots, gloves, skis, snowboard and snowplow.

By following these suggestions, your actual trip to The Urban Preserve of Boulder will be a more pleasant experience. Children and others requiring assistance must have competent supervision at all times.

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Actual visitors to The Urban Preserve of Boulder will enjoy walking the sidewalks that take them through the different ecosystems. Cars are commonly sighted, as are a wide variety of motor vehicles. For our urban detritus enthusiasts, we offer a children’s discovery area and a self-interpretive area.  For those interested in early 21st century urban life, the sidewalks offer a glimpse. Most weekends someone is on site or nearby.  No trip to The Urban Preserve of Boulder would be complete without a stop by the light poles.

The Urban Preserve of Boulder offers unique opportunities for the photographer to capture that great photograph!  Our self-guided walks provide you with an overview of this urban habitat that is sure to trigger your creativity.  Be on the lookout for objects, items, stuff and other things!  New conditions and a wide variety of artifacts “offer” an ever changing landscape throughout the seasons.   

Repeat actual visits will encourage you to become knowledgeable and familiar with The Urban Preserve of Boulder’s history, ecosystems and trails.  During a walk or stroll, you may “identify” matter and various unknown materials.  Other phenomena may give you a new appreciation of the magnificent scenery and photo opportunities offered at The Urban Preserve of Boulder.

Self-Guided Photo Hikes are offered continuously.  Camera suggested.

All ages.  Free. Space is limited.  Advance reservations not required.



City of Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado, The United States of America
pedestrian crossing island, southeast corner of the intersection of Foothills Parkway at Baseline Roadboulder-parking-2
Google Maps
GPS 39.999933, -105.232380


Actual visitors to The Urban Preserve of Boulder may park in the Meadows on the Parkway Shopping Center parking lot.  Parking is free.
For directions for parking, please visit The Urban Preserve of Boulder, Google Maps.



CLICK HERE for unique self guided tours and maps!

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The Urban Preserve of Boulder is a project by The Art Guys that is organized, commissioned and sponsored by Boulder Public Arts Experiments in Public Art.




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